Bespoke Water Limousine Services

Imagine being able to travel in the sea with the comfort and luxury, the speed and the reliability of a limousine!

Trinity events has created the Hospitality service, an upscale way of personalized sea transfer, namely the Bespoke Water Limousine Services

A new service including all the characteristics and the ambiance of a land limousine during your journey in the sea. And indeed with more than one services. This means that apart from VIP transportation, a private charter from and to a cruise ship, an on board special event or even a special designed sightseeing tour can be carried out with a water limo.

Personalized sea transfers are an increasing worldwide trend, which not only our clients but also motivated people actively seeking alternative sea transport even, actively choose them for environmental and time-saving reasons.

What is more the development of the Athenian Riviera morphology could not but put Athens on the map of the big capitals with sea routes that have already adopted this way of transport (Bangkok, Istanbul) adding greater value to the iconic concept of “holidays in Greece”. But also extending the water limo experience for individuals or groups, when those wish to travel not only along the Attica coastline, but also to Argosaronic and the Argolic Gulf, even to the Western Cyclades, always enjoying the comforts of a limo.

We recommend, however, to use Bespoke Water Limousine Services by Trinity for some more reasons:
  • Save travel time Designed transport from “one spot to the other” with speed and style.
  • Extra vacation time Choose sightseeing services, dining and/or water activities while traveling.
  • Holiday Experience per se
  • Apart from the practical advantages the Bespoke Water Limousine Services add an aesthetic touch to your journey that goes beyond the luxurious environment. The sights near the coasts have a panoramic view from the sea, which adds a theatrical charm upgrading not only the touristic potential of each destination but also the feeling of satisfaction of the passengers.

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