Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate social responsibility has underlined every business action since the beginning of our company’s operation.
An informed choice that reflects our values!

Our actions are characterized by respect for the people that work for us, for the weak, for the protection of the environment...

Το 2023 έκλεισε με ένα TRINITY event αγάπης και προσφοράς. Συμμετείχαμε εθελοντικά στη διοργάνωση της γιορτής για τα 50 χρόνια του ιδρύματος Ε.Γ.Ν.Υ.Α., ατόμων με με νοητική υστέρηση.

Collaboration with A collective effort of a group of people to reduce food waste while increasing the food supply throughout Greece.

For the well being of the employees, we organize coaching sessions in cooperation with the happy life magazine.

In cooperation with bodies for sustainable development.
Panhellenic Yachting Congress | Environment Skiathos Palace Cup.

Solidarity and support.
Ark of the world.

Supporting the actions of the “Nikos Halkias one hero for many” foundation.