Experiential Journeys


Based in Lefkada which is surrounded by the Homeric islands, we organize a journey that is much different from others, where the traveler-explorer sails amongst the beauty of the Ionian Sea trying to find his ‘Ithaca’.

The trip follows Odyssey’s steps and effortlessly becomes an amazing and multi-faceted experience that simultaneously acts internally and externally. On one hand, the traveler experiences the magical archipelago, the dreamy nature of the islands, and the unique culture alongside the local cuisine. On the other hand, with the help of deep coaching, they are inundated with the symbolisms of Homer’s Odyssey and its top secrets. 

7 days of awakening and awareness, opening and closing a circle of understanding in Lefkada, floating daily to Kalamos, Kastos, Meganisi, Atokos, Ithaca, and Kefalonia.

© Photo Paris Tavitian, Museum of Cycladic Art



The Museum of Cycladic Art offers an immersive dinner experience, inside its permanent Collection: "Scenes from Daily Life in Antiquity".

This unique culinary experience is based on wine and symposia gatherings that were very popular in Ancient Greece.

The participants will have the opportunity to enjoy their dinner among 142 ancient objects of the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

    What's included:
  • The dining experience with the curated menu of your choice.
  • The opening of the Museum's galleries after hours [2nd & 4th floor of the permanent exhibitions].
  • The Host: one professional inhouse archaeologist will welcome your guests and lead the thematic guided tour "Wine, the gift of god Dionysus" in English language.
  • The table decor with replicas from the Museum's permanent exhibitions.
  • Tableware inspired by artifacts from the Museum's permanent exhibitions.
  • Curated gift for each guest from the Cycladic Shop.
  • Museum guardianship, maintenance staff, and all other staff retained to keep the building operating.

This experienced is offered for the maximum number of 30 guests.

The menu is curated by the award-winning chef Yannis Baxevanis.



At the vineyard of George and Anna Kokotos, at an altitude of 450 meters, where excellent quality grapes are produced with organic cultivation, the scene is set for the Greek Cuisine classes under the bright sky, amongst the superb scent of flowers and all this accompanied by the outstanding wines produced in the Estate leaving a strong memory and taste.

We visit the organic market in Kifissia with a known chef of the city, we become familiar with the seasonal vegetables and fruits of Greece, pick the ingredients for our menu, and take off for the Kokotos Estate. We explore the estate and enjoy a guided tour of the winery, beehives, and olive orchard, and then during the hands-on cooking class we prepare the Greek dishes which we will later enjoy on the estate’s monastery table or under the olive trees on the orchard while tasting the estate’s wines. The harmonious coexistence of our all senses under the Attica sun as we savor local Greek products, and gain extremely interesting information on diet and health while we enjoy the magic of the Attica landscape from a very special vantage point.



Introduction to contemporary ceramic art with the known Greek ceramic artist Christina Morali at her house/workshop north of Athens and a special afternoon with real food, local wines, discussion on culture, and storytelling in the magical garden full of herbs and aromatic plants. In this venue that overflows with art and a sense of countryside, we become acquainted with clay, we make our own artwork in just one day and we take it with us as a memento of the country and culture from the workshop of a special local artist.

And we become acquainted not only with the superb work of Christina Morali but also with her special aura as she prepares a Greek meal for friends in the gorgeous yard of her house. A meal served on her “paper” ceramic plates and accompanied by a charming Savatiano wine protected from the fiery Greek summer sun in the magical shade with the unparalleled touch of a country…

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