In a new era, where the way we interact with our partners and colleagues is constantly changing, the need to experience a different "Together" experience is growing.

Sense the experience of a sailing yacht, bond with your colleagues, swim in undiscovered water’s and take useful take aways to bounce forward with your peers.

A series of exclusive team-coaching sessions are taking place aboard with horizon… the Hellenic sea! Let yourself be in a different setting that awake your senses and your mind, while working and bonding with your team.

Allow yourself to be in a different environment that awakens your senses and mind while connecting and working with your team in a different and refreshing way.

Indicative topics to explore:

  • Build Resilience
  • Empowering others
  • Prioritizing – Time management
  • Lead in crisis
  • Activate your creativity

Topics might be tailored made and based on client’s needs and wants.

Small group of people, 6 to 8 are interacting aboard on a pre-selected topic of interest. Starting with warming ups activities to ground ourselves on the present moment, introduction, activities, active participation, and facilitation of group discussions in order to dive deeper and gain useful take aways and/or action plans to move forward.


Business Team coaching objectives:

  • Understanding the challenges we are facing
  • Build a positive and creative mindset
  • Practice tools and take useful take aways


Group benefits:

  • Increase awareness of group cohesiveness
  • Take useful take aways for personal and professional growth
  • Quality bonding time with the team
  • Feel relaxed and treat yourself and the team with care


Duration of group-coaching session: 2 hours each



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