Business Psychology & Business Coaching Programs

The pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Now more than ever, the wellness of employees plays a very important role in their productivity. To thrive in business you must improve mental Resilience, control stress, find the right ballance between professional and personal life.

Our company Trinity Events in partnership with Happy Life Magazine team of experts organise business coaching programs aiming to offer companies a new Mindful way to support and entertain their personnel.

The academic team of experts undertakes the research, the plan and the implementation of the business coaching program, which focuses on employees’ wellness and mental health. Our principal goal is to create an interactive and pleasant seminar, combined with relaxation and entertainment. The ultimate purpose of this Mindful Event is to motivate the employees and turn information into essential learning..

The participants will be able to discover their operational skills and learn how to improve the way they work, be positive, motivated and inspired. This seminar will help be truly aware of their emotions, inform them about Emotional Intelligence and evolve their communication and problem-solving skills. The improvement of these key elements leads to success.


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