The corona-era leads us all to new ways of dealing with our business and our lives. At Trinity Events, we adapt our services to the new circumstances in a flexible and creative way.

Our goal is always to offer our special clients, distinctive proposals, but also to share an optimistic attitude. Even with social distancing, there is... space for events!

Spend a truly unique day with your business executives and / or customers. Sailing is a great way to make people work together and trust each other more.

The Sailing Team Building Activities we have designed, with great attention to detail, will provide a unique experience, will refresh and evolve the relationships with your executives and/or clients and also build strong partnerships.

Our experience in sailing is a guarantee for the success of such an event. In addition to our long experience in planning sports events, we work with professional instructors in the field of racing sails, providing highly adrenaline & safe experiences.

The planning of sailing activities can be divided into categories:

  • Departure from a predetermined point and cruise. Executives and/ or clients dive into the wonderful world of sailing through the cooperative actions required from a sailing crew.
  • Organization of parallel events (lunch, presentation, etc.).
  • Display of company logos on sailboats and on souvenirs of the event.
  • Spectator boat for executives who wish to oversee the event as a viewer.
  • Presentation of the evolution of the event through a VIP BOAT.
  • Organizing a race, with results delivery, giving prizes to the crews of boats (company representatives).


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