Virtual Events

Virtual Events transforming traditional events into their high-standard digital versions. Presentations, conferences, and speeches are now broadcast online, while attendees maintain the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with each other as well as with the coordinators/speakers.

The process is easy for the participants and the multiple solutions provided for the organizers give Virtual Events service the opportunity to create a unique, exciting, and unforgettable experience both for the organization and its members.

Participants are invited to visit a specific “site”, as they would in a traditional event, though in this case, it is a web page - the event page. At that point, depending on the requirements of each event, they might need to either follow a registration process to attend the event or a link they will receive in the invitation so as to attend the event freely.

Once the participants have entered the event page, they view a specially designed custom-made environment for the specific event, projecting information on the presentation that follows, a live chat where they can ask questions during the presentation, while at the end of the event, they are able to watch the completed speeches if they wish.

In this way, participants remain safe, while the occurring event maintains its prestige and emphasis on detail, as if it were happening in a natural space with the guests’ physical presence.

Let's design your next event in Trinity style!